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"Digital Transformation at Global: An ERP and Mobile App Boost Credit Management and Operational Efficiency"

Global is a corporation specialized in financial matters, dedicated to providing credit for working capital and asset acquisition to both legal entities and individuals. Its main objective is to offer agile and reliable financing solutions to its clients.

In collaboration with Global, the custom software company Maindsoft has developed a tailored ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage client credits. An ERP is a comprehensive platform that integrates and manages various processes and data within an organization, and in this specific case, it has been customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of Global.

The ERP developed by Maindsoft for Global enables efficient credit management, covering everything from the application process to monitoring and collection. Through the system, Global employees can access relevant information about clients, such as personal data, credit history, credit limits, and more. Additionally, the ERP allows tracking outstanding accounts for collection, monitoring clients’ financial status, and generating detailed reports.

In addition to the ERP, Maindsoft has also created a mobile app for internal Global employees. This app has been designed to provide quick and convenient access to client data and relevant financial information. Employees can access the app from their mobile devices and gain an instant overview of clients, verify outstanding accounts for collection, review financial status, and visualize information through intuitive graphs.

The mobile app developed by Maindsoft has been a success for Global, significantly enhancing employee efficiency and productivity. With immediate access to necessary information, employees can make informed decisions and act more swiftly and effectively. With over 90 people using the app daily as part of their work, it has become a crucial tool in Global’s internal operations.

In summary, the collaboration between Global and Maindsoft has resulted in a specialized ERP system and a mobile app that have greatly improved credit management and Global’s internal operations. These technological solutions provide Global with the ability to offer agile and reliable financial services to its clients while optimizing internal processes and enhancing employee efficiency.