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"Efficient Optimization and Control in Poultry Production: Maindsoft's Custom Web App for Agro AG"


In collaboration with Agro AG, a company dedicated to poultry production through a strategic alliance with Bachoco, Maindsoft has developed a powerful custom web application that has revolutionized information management and resource control in its operations.

Agro AG stands out for operating poultry houses with high-tech facilities and systems that guarantee optimal conditions for the natural and safe development of chickens. With the aim of further improving their production process and preventing losses, Agro AG sought the support of Maindsoft, a custom software company with experience in developing tailored technological solutions.

The solution proposed by Maindsoft was a web application designed specifically for Agro AG’s needs. This application has greatly simplified the mass handling of information and has enabled real-time monitoring of inventory resources, raw material control, and maintenance of the poultry houses.

The web app developed by Maindsoft for Agro AG offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides users with instant access to critical information. Through the platform, production managers can record and track data related to growing chickens, such as their weight, feeding, growth conditions, and more. This allows for precise monitoring of bird development and facilitates real-time informed decision-making.

In addition to tracking the growing chickens, Maindsoft’s web application also includes highly efficient inventory management tools. Users can monitor and control stock levels of different resources, such as feed, medications, and supplies for bird care. This ensures proper planning and prevents situations of scarcity or excess inventory, thereby optimizing resources and avoiding unnecessary losses.

The collaboration between Maindsoft and Agro AG has resulted in a custom web application that has transformed how information is managed and resources are controlled in poultry production. The technological solution has improved the operational efficiency of Agro AG by providing more efficient data handling, real-time monitoring, and precise control of inventory resources and poultry house maintenance. Thanks to Maindsoft’s web app, Agro AG has successfully optimized its production process and ensured ideal conditions for the natural and safe development of the chickens.